How To Include Goji Berries in Your Diet

Published: 28th March 2011
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Goji berries are very good for your health and are available in juice, tablet or dried berry form. The dried berries are widely available, are relatively cheap and keep well so are a good way to include Goji in your diet. However, a lot of people do not like the taste of them. A few people do not mind the taste, but hate the texture.

If you are creative you can use dried Goji berries in many different ways, so can find a way to eat them that either changes their texture or disguises the taste of them. Some cooking and serving methods can do both. By thinking outside the box you can still include dried Goji berries in your diet even when you do not like eating them in their raw state.

Including dried Goji berries in your fruit smoothie is effortless and disguises their taste well. A thick smoothie is the best for covering up the taste of Goji berries, any smoothie containing banana is ideal.
Mixing dried Goji berries with some sunflower seeds or another oily seed or nut dulls the taste of the dried Goji berries.

For some people it is the texture of the dried berries that puts them off. If you are one of those people soak the berries. You can use any liquid you like the flavour of e.g. fruit juice, milk, tea or water. You can make the texture of the berries more acceptable to your palette by mixing them with a moist food or cutting them up very finely.

Dried Goji Berries can also be made more palatable by using them in baked goods. The most obvious baked product to use dried Goji Berries in is in flapjacks, but they are also nice in cakes or biscuits. If you use them in cakes it is better to soak them first.

Sprinkling chopped dried Goji Berries on a salad is always nice. Russian salad is another kind of salad a few dried Goji berries taste good in.
Dried Goji berries work well when added to a stew or curry. North African stews and curries often call for the use of dried fruit, so swapping half the raisins in the recipe for Goji berries is very easy.

Chopped dried Goji berries added to fruit juice and frozen into ice lollies also works well. Freezing the dried berries makes them softer and they are sweetened by the fruit juice.

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